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Case Study (1)

Case Study

Use of Protein Barcodes and Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ for High-Throughput Mapping of Protein Conformations & Their Phenotypic Effects

Explore the case study to understand how combining next-generation protein sequencing with protein barcoding facilitates high-throughput mapping of protein conformations and phenotypic effects, without the limitations of traditional methods. With protein barcoding, you can:
  • Conveniently screen hundreds of variants using protein barcoding in your protein expression system
  • Utilize the diversity of protein barcodes to screen proteins with diverse characteristics
  • Expand your research and uncover innovative strategies for preventing and treating variousdiseases

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) (8)

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Aminopeptidase Mix 1-EU

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Acetic Acid-EU

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Control Peptide SDQP155-EU

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Aminopeptidase Mix 1-US

Webinars (6)


Characterizing Far-Flung Extremophiles With Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™

Chris Mason, PhD, Weill Cornell Medical College and Kenneth Skinner, PhD, QSI February 28, 2024


Technology Advancements in Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ with Single Amino Acid Resolution

Katherine Johnson, QSI and Brian Reed, Ph.D, QSI February 8, 2024


Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ Platform: Advances in Protein Identification & Characterization

Dr Danielle Tullman-Ercek, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University and Katherine Johnson, Senior Director, Product, QSI October 6, 2023


Computational Proteomics and Big Data Analysis for Protein Discovery and Characterization

John Vieceli, PhD, Senior Vice President of Product Development, QSI September 28, 2023