Generate Powerful Insights with Protein Identification on Platinum

In-depth protein identification is now possible with single-molecule protein sequencing on Platinum.


Easily integrate protein identification into your existing research workflow with the benchtop Platinum™ protein sequencer and collaboration friendly Cloud software.


Every lab can quickly and accurately identify proteins with a simple workflow that makes data interpretation and discovery easy and accessible.


With protein sequencing that’s sensitive and achieves single-molecule resolution, you can identify proteins without using targeted panels, enabling unbiased discovery.

In this application note, we sequenced recombinant human CDNF (161 amino acids) as a model protein to demonstrate how to use the Platinum™ platform for protein identification. By combining sequencing data with proteome-wide mapping, we demonstrate identification of CDNF.

Learn about the workflow and review data by downloading the application note.

Only 4 recognizers are needed to identify 5 peptides in the CDNF protein. Since this data was published, a 5th recognizer capable of identifying amino acids, AST, has been added and further enhances confidence in identifying proteins such as CDNF.

Here we show an alignment of the sequence of one peptide fragment from CDNF to predicted sequencing traces from an in silico digestion of the the entire human proteome. 

Read the application note to see how many CDNF peptides were required for high-confidence protein identification.

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