Quantum-Si’s Next-Generation Protein Sequencer™ Enables Protein Detection and Peptide Characterization


Sequencing proteins and correlating amino acid changes to biological function is critical to advancing our understanding of human health and disease. Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ (NGPS) on Platinum® enables researchers to identify and characterize proteins with single-molecule resolution in a simple workflow and on a benchtop instrument. To demonstrate the versatility of Platinum and the use of Kinetic Signatures, we sequenced various types of samples, including recombinant proteins, protein mixtures, immunoprecipitated proteins, peptide barcodes, and peptides with Post Translational Modifications (PTMs).

Furthermore, we showcased the detection of peptide barcodes along with the utilization of barcoding techniques to streamline protein engineering applications.

Recent product enhancements to the platform include new sequencing kit and chip chemistry as well as advanced analytical software tools. These enhancements unlock new applications such as the use of protein inference to study unknown protein samples.