Unleash the Power of Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™

Platinum® Delivers the Data

Platinum is easy to implement, accessible to every lab, and achieves sensitive, single amino acid resolution that can detect protein variants and post-translational modifications.

No need for complex workflows. No need for bioinformatics expertise. With our simple, straightforward workflow, space-friendly benchtop instrument, and automated analysis software, any lab can generate protein sequence.

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Platinum Applications

Protein Identification

Find out how Platinum makes protein detection with high-confidence easy for any lab, no bioinformatics experience required. Read More

Protein Variant

Uncover dynamic changes in single amino acid residues with Next-Generation Protein Sequencing. Read More

Antibody Characterization

Characterize antibodies by sequencing antibodies and target proteins with Platinum. Read More

Biomarker Identification

Explore the advantages of Platinum for biomarker identification and advance your research with confidence. Read More

Post Translational Modification Analysis

Conduct PTM analysis with unprecedented accuracy and ease using our benchtop protein sequencer and cloud-based software. Read More