Quantum-Si Semiconductor Technology

Beyond color with Time Domain Sequencing™

Our proprietary Time Domain Sequencing technology removes the dependency on color as an identification method, a hurdle for any application outside of genomics where only four colors are needed. Scaled at the speed of Moore’s Law, our semiconductor chip functions like the chip on your smartphone, only it’s been designed to see biology. Together with single-molecule resolution, we offer the tools of the future to help people today.

Quantum-Si’s proprietary technology

Combining biology, chemistry, and semiconductor technologies, our platform helps you see what others can’t. Our semiconductor chip generates sequencing at single-molecule amino acid resolution across millions of independent wells simultaneously.

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If you have a smartphone, you’ve experienced the power of how semiconductors disrupt markets. Our team has deep experience with these disruptive technologies, including next-generation DNA sequencing. Leveraging decades of cumulative investment in semiconductors of more than 1 trillion dollars, we are able to offer a universal single-molecule detection chip, scalable at the speed of Moore’s Law.

Scalable production

Our core advantage is our consumable semiconductor based chip. Based on similar fabrication and manufacturing producing the camera in a mobile phone by the millions, production of our chip can be similarly scaled.

Massively parallel

Rather than analyzing proteins one at a time, our chip powers parallel sequencing of proteins across millions of independent wells. Because of our chip technology, the number of parallel sequencing reactions can scale rapidly.

Single-molecule resolution

Each independent sequencing reaction takes place at the ultimate level of sensitivity: single-molecule. Our single-molecule technology is an industry game changer, as it’s application agnostic. The same chip and instrument can be used for proteins or various other molecules.

Proteomics: fastest way to better therapy development

While the possibilities of multiomics are endless and inspiring, proteomics is emerging as the application able to scale quickly enough to become the industry standard in a way genomics never could. While DNA gives us a blueprint of what could happen, proteins tell us what’s happening in a cell right now.

Our platform helps answer three important questions:

1 / What is there

Amino acid resolution allows you to see beyond the presence or absence of a protein, including the version of the protein present in the cell, as well as how it has been changed.

2 / How much is there

Digital quantification provides precise protein abundance, not an analog calculation based on colorimetric or mass abundance readout.

3 / How has it changed

Single-molecule sensitivity shows how proteins are changed, such as through post translational modifications.

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