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Why Sequence the Quantum-Si Way

Discover the power of using kinetic signatures to sequence proteins and detect changes in the proteome.

For decades, scientists have been searching for the right tools, like protein sequencing, to uncover more insights about the proteome. However, protein sequencing has been more challenging to resolve compared to DNA sequencing where we can easily sequence whole genomes.

With twenty amino acids and over 400 post-translational modifications to distinguish within the proteome versus the four nucleotides in DNA, traditional fluorescent detection methods are not a scalable solution to interrogate proteins with single-molecule resolution.

Quantum-Si has overcome this challenge.  Our world-class team of scientists and engineers have developed a cutting-edge benchtop sequencer that detects single amino acids through binding kinetics and is highly sensitive to protein variants and post-translational modifications.

Our complete solution includes everything you need to prepare, sequence, and analyze proteins, enabling new biological discoveries. 

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