The next-generation protein sequencing platform of the future

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Why Quantum-Si

Understanding biology and disease better, faster, and more accurately.

Powered by semiconductor technology

Trillions of dollars in cumulative semiconductors investment drives our parallel sequencing, allowing rapid scale.

A product-agnostic platform for proteomics and beyond

Accessible through lower upfront investment, less expertise required, and the ability to build on our technology regardless of your current product preferences.
Quantum-Si Semiconductor Technology

Beyond color with Time Domain Sequencing™, end-to-end solution

Our proprietary technology powers massively-parallel sequencing, scaled at the speed of Moore’s Law. Our semiconductor chip functions like the chip on your smartphone, only it’s been designed to see biology without the limitations of color.

Proteomics platform power: changing the future of healthcare

90% of FDA approved drugs target a protein1

Almost all known diseases are linked to some dysfunction in protein signal transduction1, as humans share 99.9% of DNA.

1 The Human Proteome Tissue Atlas – Druggable Proteome, 2015, The Human Protein Atlas Project

85% of the human proteome is currently undrugged2

The opportunity for transformative drug design and improved human health is enormous.

2 A Quest to Drug the Undruggable, June, Chemical & Engineering News, Volume 96, Issue 26, 2018

Over 100 million immunoassay tests performed a year3

Our technology will help modernize assays still relying on chemistry developed 40 years ago.

3 “NPS Focus”, Rainbow makers, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), 2003, retrieved 29 December 2012

Our leadership

We have redefined industries, technologies, and expectations of transformative leadership.

We operate at the intersection of biochemistry, chemistry, hardware, molecular biology, photonics, semiconductor chips, and software.

Want to help transform healthcare?

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