Powering the Post-Genomic Era of Biology

Inspired by his success at shrinking next-generation sequencing technology into a benchtop instrument at Ion Torrent, Jonathan Rothberg founded Quantum-Si in 2013 to bring the same semiconductor technology to protein sequencing.

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Moving at the Speed of Reality

With more than 1,000 patents issued and applications pending, Platinum®, the world’s first and only Next-Generation Protein Sequencer™, is currently helping scientists make discoveries that are changing the world.

In bringing the first complete, Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ technology to market, we solved critical challenges around sensitive and unambiguous amino acid detection, blending biology, chemistry, and semiconductor technology to reveal what other approaches cannot. We also set the stage for a revolution in how scientists understand biology and build new treatments for disease by making Next-Generation Protein Sequencing accessible to every lab, everywhere.

Now, we are entering the next stage in our evolution. We began trading on NASDAQ in June 2021 (QSI on the NASDAQ) and in 2022, we opened a new product development and operations facility in San Diego, California, marking the beginning of a period of rapid growth. Through this expansion, we are able to fuel a new era of biology, the post-genomic era, where biologists accelerate basic scientific insight and biomedical advances through the power of Next-Generation Protein Sequencing.

Founder’s Story: Jonathan Rothberg

A prolific inventor and recipient of the Medal of Technology & Innovation under President Obama, Jonathan Rothberg pioneered high speed Next-Generation Sequencing as well as semiconductor based sequencing. His current vision: Quantum-Si’s Next-Generation Protein Sequencing technology for truly accessible proteomics.

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