Streamline Protein Screening with the Power of Protein Barcodes and Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™

Characterize multiple protein variants simultaneously using protein barcodes on Platinum®.

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Applications Protein Barcoding

Why use protein barcodes on Platinum?

Protein barcoding provides users with a robust method to screen multiple protein variants in a single pooled reaction. Protein variants are tagged with short, unique peptide barcodes that identify each variant; after a protein screening or characterization step, the barcodes are released and sequenced directly on Platinum.

Discover the many applications of protein barcoding, for example:

  • Protein Trafficking: Sequence protein barcodes to track which variants are present
in different cellular compartments.
  • Protein-Protein Interactions: Screen panels of protein variants that impact protein interactions.
  • Recombinant Protein Expression: Use protein barcodes to identify which mRNA coding
sequence variants produce the highest protein expression levels.
  • Protein engineering: Screen barcoded protein variants for desired traits in therapeutic,
industrial, environmental, and other application areas.

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Check out how protein barcode libraries are expanding the field of proteomics.

  • Protein Barcodes for Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ – APP NOTE

    Discover the power of protein barcoding with Quantum-Si’s Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ on the Platinum® instrument. This innovative technology combines the accessibility of DNA-based methods with the versatility of protein barcoding. By attaching peptides to macromolecular linkers and employing dye-labeled recognizers and aminopeptidases, researchers can generate distinct kinetic signatures for each peptide, enabling high-confidence sequence alignment. Explore our application note for criteria on peptide barcode design, library generation methods, and practical examples of how peptide barcodes revolutionize protein screening, including a 300-fold enrichment in nanobody abundance after positive selection using protein barcodes.

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  • Protein Barcodes and Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ – BLOG

    Brian Reed, Ph.D., Head of Research, discusses how protein barcodes with single-molecule resolution has the potential to transform research and drug discovery in a manner like that of DNA-based barcodes and next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS). Discover the many applications of this advancement in Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™, including:

    • Unveiling protein trafficking patterns to elucidate disease mechanisms.
    • Investigating protein-protein interactions via variant panels and high-throughput assays.
    • Protein characterization in mRNA medicine for identification of highly expressed variants.

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  • Use of Protein Barcodes & Next Generation Protein Sequencing™
for High-Throughput Mapping of Protein Conformations & Their Phenotypic Effects – CASE STUDY

    Explore the case study to understand how combining next-generation protein sequencing with protein barcoding facilitates high-throughput mapping of protein conformations and phenotypic effects, without the limitations of traditional methods. With protein barcoding, you can:

    • Conveniently screen hundreds of variants using protein barcoding in your protein expression system
    • Utilize the diversity of protein barcodes to screen proteins with diverse characteristics
    • Expand your research and uncover innovative strategies for preventing and treating various diseases

    Download the Case Study

  • Quantum-Si’s Next-Generation Protein Sequencer™ Enables Protein Detection and Peptide Characterization -Posters
    US HUPO | 2024

    Sequencing proteins and correlating amino acid changes to biological function is critical to advancing our understanding of human health and disease. Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ (NGPS) on Platinum® enables researchers to identify and characterize proteins with single-molecule resolution in a simple workflow and on a benchtop instrument. To demonstrate the versatility of Platinum and the use of Kinetic Signatures, we sequenced various types of samples, including recombinant proteins, protein mixtures, immunoprecipitated proteins, peptide barcodes, and peptides with Post Translational Modifications (PTMs).

    Furthermore, we showcased the detection of peptide barcodes along with the utilization of barcoding techniques to streamline protein engineering applications.

    Recent product enhancements to the platform include new sequencing kit and chip chemistry as well as advanced analytical software tools. These enhancements unlock new applications such as the use of protein inference to study unknown protein samples.

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  • Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ Platform: Advances in Protein Identification & Characterization -Webinars
    Dr Danielle Tullman-Ercek, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University and Katherine Johnson, Senior Director, Product, QSI October 6, 2023

    In this expert led webinar, Dr Danielle Tullman-Ercek, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the Northwestern University, and Katherine Johnson, Senior Director, Product, at Quantum-Si, Inc will discuss a novel next-generation protein sequencing™ platform, Platinum®, and how it can complement immunoassays and other proteomic workflows by providing deeper insights into proteins. Learn how this next-generation protein sequencing™ technology works and what applications can be performed using this novel technology. Additionally, Dr. Tullman-Ercek will illustrate how protein identification on Platinum was utilized in her research to provide additional information about proteins typically studied via conventional western blot and mass spectrometry techniques. She will demonstrate how next-generation protein sequencing™ provides additional information about proteins, comparing results from conventional techniques to those obtained from next-generation protein sequencing™.

    Key learning objectives

    • Learn about Next-Generation Protein Sequencing, how it works and key benefits
    • Explore how it compares to and complements conventional proteomic techniques such as mass spectrometry and immunoassays
    • Explore the applications that can be performed with Platinum next-generation sequencing technology
    • Discover how Platinum is utilized to complement data obtained from conventional protein identification techniques to provide deeper insights into proteins

    Speakers: Dr Danielle Tullman-Ercek, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University and Katherine Johnson, Senior Director, Product, QSI Date: October 6, 2023

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  • Protein Barcodes for Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ -Videos
    The State of Omics | 2024

    Katherine Johnson, Senior Director of Product, discusses how the Platinum® Next-Generation Protein Sequencer™ can not only directly sequence proteins with single amino acid resolution but can screen for hundreds of variants using protein barcoding. This combination of single-molecule sequencing and protein barcodes promises ground breaking insights into disease prevention and treatment strategies previously challenging with traditional methods.

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