Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™: Interrogating Proteins with Single-molecule Amino Acid Resolution on Platinum®


Proteins are the workhorses of cells and provide vital insights to cell health and disease function. Immunoassays and mass spectrometry are well established methods for studying proteins and have led to important discoveries in human health and disease. However, these techniques either lack single-molecule resolution to interrogate each individual amino acid residue or require a large investment in equipment and lab space, driving the need for a simple benchtop solution with single-molecule resolution for protein identification and interrogation.

In this webinar, we will explore how next-generation protein sequencing on Platinum works and how it can be used to interrogate proteins with single-molecular amino acid resolution. This new technology utilizes semiconductor chip technology and fluorescently labeled n-terminal amino acid (NAA) recognizers to identify individual amino acids in a protein. The binding kinetics and order of the NAA recognizer signal results in a unique kinetic signature for each amino acid. Aminopeptidases then cleave the n-terminus and expose the next amino acid for binding. This process repeats until each peptide is sequenced.

We will demonstrate how this technology can be used with traditional protein workflows that isolate proteins of interest and interrogate their sequences with single-molecule resolution. Finally, we will discuss the scalability of this technology for advancing our understanding of proteins and offering insights to human health and disease.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore how next-generation protein sequencing works to interrogate amino acid residues
  • Understand how next-generation protein sequencing can be used with other lab methods to understand protein biology
  • Learn how next-generation protein sequencing can be used to detect amino acid variants with single-molecule resolution

Speakers: Ben Moree, PhD, QSI

Date: December 7, 2023