Technology Advancements in Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ with Single Amino Acid Resolution


Sequencing proteins with single amino acid resolution offers new insights into health and disease that other technologies may not reveal. DNA and RNA sequencing only provide information at the gene and transcript level. Whereas immunoassays and mass spectrometry for protein identification either do not provide amino acid sequence level information or are prohibitive in cost and infrastructure to widespread adoption. The first next-generation protein sequencing technology was published in Science in 2022 demonstrating resolution of single-molecule differences in amino acid sequence on a scalable platform. New advancements have been made with this technology since its inception, increasing coverage of the proteome and enabling researchers to interrogate proteins more robustly and more deeply.

In this webinar, Katherine Johnson, Senior Director, Product and Dr. Brian Reed, Head of Research, Quantum-Si, will reveal how next-generation protein sequencing has scaled and will continue to scale enabling sequencing of the proteome.

Key learning objectives

  • Learn how next-generation protein sequencing works
  • Discover the enhancements to next-generation protein sequencing that enable more proteome coverage
  • Consider applications that benefit from next-generation protein sequencing
  • Explore future advancements in next-generation protein sequencing

Speakers: Katherine Johnson, QSI and Brian Reed, Ph.D, QSI

Date: February 8, 2024