Advancing the Understanding of Cellular Biology with Next-Generation Protein Sequencing on Platinum™ by Quantum-Si


Next-generation protein sequencing™ is a transformational tool for protein science to unlock new insights into the function of proteins in health and diseases. Quantum-Si’s Platinum™ technology brings the insights of protein sequencing to every lab with a space-friendly benchtop instrument, a simple end-to-end workflow, and single-molecule resolution that enables detection of protein variants and modifications.

Herein, we employed Platinum to sequence and identify various interleukins, either recombinant or immunoprecipitated from human serum.

Interleukins play a critical role in cellular biology, particularly in the immune system. These cytokines act as messengers, facilitating communication and coordination between immune cells to regulate immune responses and maintain overall immune system homeostasis.

Results demonstrate that Platinum can be used to effectively identify various interleukins with single-molecule resolution in a simple workflow.