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Now, You Can Sequence Proteins Right in Your Lab

The rapid growth in multiomics and bioinformatics capabilities has enabled researchers to ask more complex questions and gain new insights. However, this evolution also presents challenges for researchers as they navigate large-scale, complex, and dynamic datasets that require significant infrastructure and expertise to generate and interpret.

The cost and complexity of traditional protein sequencing methods have been barriers to obtaining critical proteomics data… until now.

With Platinum™ Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ Platform, you can complement your existing “omics” approaches with simple, convenient, cost-effective protein sequencing right in your lab.

Quantum-Si’s first-of-its-kind Platinum benchtop protein sequencing solution delivers deeper insights into protein biology… quickly, conveniently, and efficiently, right at your fingertips, without the need for bioinformatics expertise or extensive infrastructure.

Now you can go from smudge to sequence and complement your immunoassays with sequence data! Platinum technology offers single-molecule resolution to provide insights into what is happening at the amino acid level to enable detection of protein variants and modifications, along with the sensitivity to detect low-abundance proteins in complex mixtures and other rare events.

Be a trailblazer of proteomics research! Join Quantum-Si on the journey unleash the vast landscape of proteins and their modifications and become one of the first to discover new insights, answer new questions and impact our scientific understanding of the human proteome…with Platinum.  

Get Your Passport to Proteomics
Discovery: Win a Free Platinum Protein Sequence

We’re giving one lucky researcher the chance to win a free sequencing run on Platinum Next-Generation Protein Sequencer™! This is your opportunity to revolutionize your proteomics research and join us on the road to sequencing the human proteome.

A Simpler Approach to New Proteomic Insights

Our complete solution includes everything you need to prepare, sequence, and analyze proteins, enabling new biological discoveries, all in the convenience of your own lab.
Our simple workflow requires less than three hours of hands-on time. Platinum includes automated, cloud-based proteomics data analysis software to deliver proteoform information without the need for bioinformatics expertise, added turnaround time, or extensive infrastructure. Platinum enables you to:

  • Take more control of proteomics experiments… right at your bench
  • Interrogate protein variants and modifications, and correlate them with biological function
  • Achieve deeper proteomics insights faster
  • Perform analytics with no bioinformatics expertise required

Featured Resource

App Note:
Comparison of Protein Sequencing Analysis of CDNF, IL6, and FGF2 on Platinum™ and Mass Spectrometry

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Right from your lab. With the NEW Platinum™ Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ Platform.

Learn about Platinum’s unique direct single-molecule detection method and how it enables you to more confidently correlate protein sequence changes with biology, and key benefits of Platinum compared to conventional protein sequencing methods.

Read about key applications featuring Platinum technology, including interrogation of protein variants and modifications, and how it delivers deeper insights into protein biology.