Digitizing Protein Sequencing: Detecting Individual Amino Acids through Real-Time Photon Emission


Proteins are the main structural and functional components of biological cells. Assembled and structured through the complex folding of a specific sequence of amino acids, proteins, along with their dynamic regulation and post-translational modifications (PTMs), largely determine cellular phenotype. New tools to study these changes are necessary. Quantum-Si’s technology uses a proprietary, novel sequencing approach– Time Domain Sequencing™– decode the amino acid sequence of millions of peptides simultaneously and thus achieve massively parallel protein sequencing, making it possible to determine the precise amino acid sequence of millions of peptides simultaneously.

Our solution combines novel semiconductor chip architecture, photonics, molecular biochemistry, and single-molecule binding events to detect individual amino acids through real-time photon emission. Without a need for affinity reagents or targeted panels or any a prior knowledge, our technology can ultimately enable de novo protein sequencing, allowing for the identification of known or unknown post translational modification location and type. To simplify data analysis, sequencing information is uploaded and analyzed in real-time, and stored in our easy-to-use cloud-based platform, which allows for visualization, analysis, and collaboration from anywhere in the world.