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NEW Platinum™ Next-Generation Protein Sequencer
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Protein Sequencing for Every Lab, Everywhere

While next-generation DNA sequencing greatly advanced our understanding of biology and which genes influence biological function, protein sequencing is necessary to capture what is actually happening in the body now.

Most biological and disease processes manifest at the protein level. Therefore, complementing genomics and transcriptomics approaches with proteomics data provides a more holistic profile of underlying biology. But lack of access or understanding of how to get started has presented a barrier to obtaining critical proteomics data… until now.

With the Platinum™ single-molecule protein sequencing platform you can obtain critical proteomic insights quickly and efficiently from the convenience of your lab, no expertise or infrastructure required. If your lab is new to proteomics, Platinum delivers the easy-to-use, accessible benchtop solution that empowers every lab, everywhere to start proteomics research.

The Convenient, Accessible,
End-to-end Solution

Platinum unleashes the power of proteomics in your lab by enabling you to:

  • Complement genomics data with proteomics insights
  • Easily integrate protein sequencing into your existing workflows
  • Conveniently analyze proteins without the need for bioinformatics expertise
  • Correlate single amino acid variations and modifications with biology

Uncover what is there, not just what could be there, and how it relates to biological phenotypes! Our end-to-end solution integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow and includes everything you need to prepare libraries, sequence proteins, and analyze results.

Take a deeper look into the power of Platinum proteomic sequencing

Deepen your insights. Make more discoveries. With the
NEW Platinum™ Next-Generation Protein Sequencing Platform.

Platinum’s unique direct single-molecule detection method offers key benefits compared to conventional protein sequencing methods. Learn about Platinum’s innovative next-generation sequencing method and how it differs from these other methods to enable new proteomic discoveries.

Platinum provides a convenient, accessible, insight-generating entry into protein biology. Learn about Platinum’s simplified workflow to bring protein sequencing to any lab.