Sr. Software Engineer - Compute And Data Services


Company Description

Quantum-Si is developing the world’s first Next Generation Protein Sequencing platform and paving the way for the future of biomedical research.  We are bringing together breakthrough technology at the intersection of hardware, software, biology, and semiconductor chips to change the field of proteomics from analog to digital.

Quantum-Si is a well-funded, rapidly growing biotech company founded by award-winning scientist and highly successful serial entrepreneur, Dr. Jonathan Rothberg.  Quantum-Si has recently been listed on nasdaq, and continues to benefit from strong financial backing and commitment to R&D.

Next generation DNA sequencing transformed every area of life sciences and joining Quantum-Si is an opportunity to define the next generation of protein sequencing through the power of revolutionary technology.  Join us on a journey to maximize global impact, motivated by the idea that our product will change the lives of millions along with the people you love.


Job Description

We are seeking a talented individual to lead our effort to build the next generation of our compute and data services. We generate large amounts of complex data every day that needs to be processed, analyzed, archived and cached for future access. Our compute and data infrastructure spans local and cloud data centers and services and aims to provide seamless access to data across boundaries. The compute and data services infrastructure supports various groups of users including scientists who rely on it for fast search and access to analysis, data scientists who run complex distributed computational workflows, and machine learning engineers who need fast and easy access to custom subsets of data. The infrastructure comprises various file system based data stores, databases, compute clusters, and a number of custom-built microservices that orchestrate data moving through complex pipelines, provide access to data, schedule and execute complex computational workflows. This is a tremendous opportunity to work with state of the art technologies to engineer a scalable and complex distributed system with high QoS and uptime.



  • API and services development
    • Python, Node.js
    • Flask, Nginx
    • Container and orchestration technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, ECS
    • PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy
    • Scaling http services and optimizing data throughput
    • Designing and building transparent solutions that we can monitor with modern tools, logging, and metrics
  • AWS
    • Compute: EC2 / ECR / Spot fleets
    • Storage & messaging: SQS / S3 / Glacier
    • Automation: Auto Scaling / CloudFormation
  • Distributed computing
    • Setting up clusters and optimizing for cost, performance, and availability (Spark, Kubernetes, Slurm)
    • Effective caching strategies within computational environments
    • Automating computational pipelines and batch workflows
    • Good knowledge of Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), networking and file systems 

You deeply identify with our core values

  • Efficient & Speedy - you get work done in a fraction of the time as industry peers 
  • Intellectually Curious - you are thoughtful & inquisitive; people enjoy working with you because they learn from you
  • Mission-Driven & Committed - you are passionate about the company's purpose and are immensely productive
  • Team Oriented - you celebrate and take joy in the success of others on the team

Additional Information

We offer great perks: 

  • Fully covered medical insurance plan, and dental & vision coverage - as a health-tech company, we place great worth on our teams’ well-being
  • Competitive salaried compensation - we value our employees and show it 
  • Equity - we want every employee to be a stakeholder
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits - we make your commute more reasonable 
  • Free onsite meals + kitchen stocked with snacks
  • 401k plan - we facilitate your retirement goals
  • Beautiful office in the heart of NYC/CT and remote options
  • The opportunity to build a revolutionary healthcare product and save millions of lives! 

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.