Sr. Software Engineer - Cloud Applications


Company Description

Quantum-Si is developing the world’s first Next Generation Protein Sequencing platform and paving the way for the future of biomedical research.  We are bringing together breakthrough technology at the intersection of hardware, software, biology, and semiconductor chips to change the field of proteomics from analog to digital.

Quantum-Si is a well-funded, rapidly growing biotech company founded by award-winning scientist and highly successful serial entrepreneur, Dr. Jonathan Rothberg.  Quantum-Si has recently been listed on nasdaq, and continues to benefit from strong financial backing and commitment to R&D.

Next generation DNA sequencing transformed every area of life sciences and joining Quantum-Si is an opportunity to define the next generation of protein sequencing through the power of revolutionary technology.  Join us on a journey to maximize global impact, motivated by the idea that our product will change the lives of millions along with the people you love.


Job Description

We are seeking a talented software engineer to join our bioinformatics application team that builds and maintains our end-user facing cloud applications and products. This is a unique opportunity for a candidate with a focus in software engineering to get exposure to multiple distinct fields in computer science and engineering such as modern cloud stacks, distributed computing, algorithms, and machine learning. The position will work closely with algorithm developers, bioinformaticians and cloud engineers to develop software packages and modules that can be deployed to run within a distributed cloud application framework.  



  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • advanced Python knowledge and experience
  • good knowledge of Python packaging tools
  • good knowledge of  HTML, JavaScript, and major browser layer JavaScript frameworks
  • familiarity and experience with Plotly, D3, matplotlib, or other major plotting libraries
  • familiarity with Python threading, concurrency libraries and frameworks
  • strong grasp of code structure, modularization and integration concerns
  • good understanding of software testing strategies (unit tests, integration testing, etc …) and software lifecycle management
  • experience with git and working with pull requests
  • experience with Docker
  • experience with workflow authoring tools like CWL a strong plus
  • familiarity with numpy and Pandas a strong plus