Senior Software Engineer - DevOps

Guilford, Connecticut, New York

Company Description

Quantum-Si is pioneering a new generation of technology to create the market of Next Generation Protein Sequencing (NGPS). Similar to Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS), which gave us a blueprint of what could happen by studying our DNA, NGPS enables an unbiased view of the proteome through improved scale, resolution, and sensitivity leading to better understanding of disease and improved general health.

We operate at the intersection of biochemistry, chemistry, hardware, molecular biology, photonics, semiconductor chips, and software with a goal to drive a digital transformation of a $36 billion dollar proteomics market.

Join us on the journey to transform healthcare, motivated by the idea that the products you work on will change the lives of millions of people around the world.


Job Description

We are looking for a senior devops engineer to improve and maintain our internal computational infrastructure. Various teams within our company rely on complex computational set ups involving clusters, file servers, databases, and networks to move large datasets and perform round-the clock data processing jobs, analyses and simulations. These teams cover a range of focus areas such as signal processing, proteomics, chip design, photonics, and molecular dynamics. We are looking for the devops position to engineer high performance and fail-proof solutions to managing access to our data and automating the deployment and management of various infrastructure services to a greater degree. 


Experience in several of these areas is recommended:

  • Linux systems administration
    • good knowledge of Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), networking and file systems 
    • file system optimization
    • data lifecycle management => backups, caching, archiving
    • services and network performance monitoring
  • Cluster management
    • cluster setup, utilization and availability optimization (Slurm, Spark)
    • caching strategies for data locality within computational environments
    • automating aws clusters (scale up/down)
  • Deployment automation and management
    • aws cloud formation
    • ansible
  • AWS
    • Compute: EC2 / ECR / Spot fleets
    • Storage & messaging: SQS / S3 / Glacier
    • Automation: Auto Scaling / CloudFormation
    • cost optimization strategies
    • usage monitoring
  • Security
    • fine grained IAM permission policies 
    • separating aws VPC into different accounts
    • Samba file sharing from Linux with user accounts and permissions

You deeply identify with our core values

  • Efficient & Speedy - you get work done in a fraction of the time as industry peers 
  • Intellectually Curious - you are thoughtful & inquisitive; people enjoy working with you because they learn from you
  • Mission-Driven & Committed - you are passionate about the company's purpose and are immensely productive
  • Team Oriented - you celebrate and take joy in the success of others on the team

Additional Information

We offer great perks: 

  • Fully covered medical insurance plan, and dental & vision coverage - as a health-tech company, we place great worth on our teams’ well-being
  • Competitive salaried compensation - we value our employees and show it 
  • Equity - we want every employee to be a stakeholder
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits - we make your commute more reasonable 
  • Free onsite meals + kitchen stocked with snacks
  • 401k plan - we facilitate your retirement goals
  • Beautiful office near the ocean-front in historic Guilford, Connecticut and remote options
  • The opportunity to build a revolutionary healthcare product and save millions of lives! 

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.